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Scott Waterbury

LOVE this place !!! There are several places closer yet we'll drive past them all to go to Yoshino. We're always greeted by smiling faces happy to see us. The sushi is always fresh and the portions are...

Aly Glasco
I have been to this restaurant a few times thus far since it is nearby my place of work. The times I have visited have included both lunch and dinner times. Each of those times, I enjoyed myself and I ...

Colby House
Came in for lunch on a Friday and was able to sit down immediately. Seemed to have a lean staff but service was good. Ordered and food was brought out within 15 minutes. Excellent fried rice and above ...

Tim Webster
I dig this place. I always order the gyoza, tempura california roll, and steak hibachi - and I always end up eating everything (even though it's clearly too much). Prices are reasonable (in face we jus...

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Sushi Yoshino Japanese Reataurant is an inspiring restaurant, combining an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting food. The mission is to have not only a great food selection, but also efficient and superior service- customer satisfaction is our paramount objective. Sushi Yoshino Japanese the restaurant of choice for a mature and adult crowd, couples and singles, young and old, male or female.Sushi Yoshino Japanese Restaurant offers delicious Japanese cuisine to Lafayette, Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff is dedicated to premiere customer service that is extremely prompt and professional.



Judy Cook B.

I had the Salmon bento box. Lots of food and very good!! I'll be back to visit again! This was my first time eating here.


Nicole W.

Absolutely terrible. I tend not to give bad reviews unless totally warranted and this was the worse sushi I've had in 13 years. It was literally a massive ball of mashed tuna surrounded by rice- NO seaweed, and served without soy, wasabi or ginger. I was actually confused. It was clearly made without rolling or pressing using the traditional bamboo mat- and was the laziest most unflavorful thing ever. I was floored anyone would even deliver something like this at their restaurant. If I wanted a tennis ball sized mashed tuna ball rolled in rice- I absolutely would've made it myself. So disappointed.


Luis D.

WOW this sushi is overpriced and Underwhelming. tried tuna and hamachi sushi and the portions are ridiculously small. I mean at for two pieces I was disappointed in the miniscule portions. This place is a hole in the wall, nothing to write home about. I sat at the bar and there was a smell like rotting fish. I moved but it was all around the bar. I ordered the Toro sashimi and was given two mini slices. The menu clearly said sashimi is 3 pieces yet I was given two tiny slivers. The price for two tiny slivers was !!!! Insane.  This place should be ashamed of itself. Dont' go there if you value your bowels


Bri L.

FYI- I don't know if they lost their liquor license or it expired or whatever the case, you cannot order any adult beverage here, despite the back of the menu featuring two pages of them. The menu is obviously not new, so maybe this was a recent change? On to the food.... The Hamachi app was delicious and light, a perfect pairing with the ginger salad for starters. I ordered the Yoshino All the Way Roll, featuring shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped in a traditional Nori and rice roll, topped with "seven kinds of fish," eel sauce and spicy mayo. My tempura was actually pretty burnt, and the charred batter taste pretty much ruined the whole roll and made it inedible. I would have gladly told the waiter, but he didn't ask how it was, despite me clearly only eating two of pieces and cleaning my previous plates. Maybe some of the other rolls are better, but I would avoid this one.


Zarinah T.

What a awesome place... We were a little overwhelmed by the many choices on the menu but i told the waitress i wanted sushi and fried rice....she suggested the bento box....it was the best of all worlds....The sushi bento box ...omg how tasty... I WOULD COME JUST FOR THE FRIED RICE...everything is fresh, everything has a good flavor...i have been to sushi restaraunts where you would say they are just okay, this is not one of them...i will return very soon , probably daily.....the staff is very attentive....


Kenny H.

Was willing to give them another shot. This used to be a solid place back in 2013-2014. However, the food is practically swimming in water/sauce. The   teriyaki chicken is watered down and they have substituted veggies for bell peppers and onions. The veggie spring rolls are good but be sure to check any to-go orders to be sure that all ordered items are included in the bag. The sushi is alright but as others have noted , sometimes ingredients will be substituted without notice.


Rolyn C.

Hands down one of the BEST SUSHI RESTAURANTS in this area. I ordered here once via Uber eats while at work and the sushi was great. However, dining in was such an amazing experience. The dining area is small and intimate. Great for date nights. Only negative, not kid friendly or big group friendly. I felt that the waiters were attentive and very kind! I ordered the sushi yoshino (shrimp tempura & crab) which I loved! Sushi tasted freshly prepared and came out in 10 minutes. Very quick! I am always interested in restaurants the are detailed. I thought it was pretty cool that the food came on stone plates. Seemed very authentic to the Japanese culture. They also had a very good lunch special menu. Overall, I believe this restaurant goes under the radar; however, if you are in the Chamblee-Brookhaven area, this place should be your go to sushi spot! Photos below! (Not equal to the food quality, dark lighting!)


Ben W.

This is the BEST sushi I've had in Atlanta.  Great food and atmosphere.  Don't pay attention to any negative reviews.


Mrs E.

We all 4 tried different things and everything was great!  We will be back and are just sorry we waited so long to try this place!  The sushi was fresh and beautifully prepared. The cooked dishes, fried rice for the kids and teriyaki steak and shrimp for my husband were perfect. Fast and courteous service!! Definitely try this place for very good Japanese cuisine! (Bonus, Monday Night Football  and good tunes were on!)


Caroline R.

If it says anything about Sushi Yoshino, my husband got to choose anywhere he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, and he chose this hole-in-the-wall Chamblee sushi spot. Every time we've been, it's either nearly empty or absolutely packed; I've never seen in between, just the extreme sides of the scale! The service can be kind of slow, so don't go when you're in a big hurry; you'll soon get frustrated! The sushi is good and decently priced, but we have started enjoying the hibachi as well. Definitely worth going!


April A.

I Gave this place another try to my disappointment I got two very thin sliced salmon and to probably old yellow tail. When I got my food home it was not fresh fish and I ate it anyway boy am I sorry I did that I had stomach poisoning for the last6 hours. There was no ginger and the avocado roll was not greatCalled manager he had no sympathy.Will not be going back. Wasted 20 buck on bad sushi with poor presentation .Expensive   Lesson.Should have looked in the bag and sent it back.


Doug H.

Food is soooooo good! Enjoyed all my selections and will definitely be back. Recommended for any sushi lovers.


Chester I.

What a disappointment. I went with someone who recommended the place. She had teriyaki chicken and didn't even eat half of it. I ordered a bowl of miso ramen and some nigiri. The ramen was bland. They don't make their own noodles even though they charge twelve bucks. There is a hard cooked egg cut in half, and it was over cooked with a thick green layer outside the yolk. They did not even have any chile oil, just some sriracha. The nigiri was very small especially for the price. The hamachi was just ok. The magaro was NOT fresh. Yuck.The dining room floor was sticky. The music was TERRIBLE especially for a sushi restaurant. The men's room smelled like a dirty diaper pail. I got home and felt like I was going to barf. I will NOT be going back next time I am in town.


Richie H.

Good authentic Japanese food. Highly recommended if you prefer something not too "Americanized".


Scott W.

If you haven't been to Yoshino in a while, they've really stepped it up!  New decor, new sound system, new menu, new dishes and some additions to old favorites. Even the fried rice has a flair!I just tried the tempura jalapeño appetizer  ... WOW!!!Crispy crunch as you bite in ... Then the warm crab and cream cheese mixture melts into your mouth.  The generous slice of jalapeño kicks in with a fresh, not too spicy heat that builds just a bit .. Incredible!!    I'm a fan !!


J D.

Atlanta is not a good sushi town, so we were quite surprised to find a decent sushi place. We had ami ebi, which was served with the fried heads. They had uni on the menu, and unlike most places here in Atlanta, actually had it available. The tamago was good and was served warm, unlike the refrigerated scrambled eggs many other places serve. We tried the dragon roll- it had too much sugar and was quite sweet. They also have a selection of weird rolls with mayo and cream cheese, if you are into American style sushi.  We will be going back, but for the more traditional sushi.


Zewditu D.

I am not a big fan of sushi, but a friend picked this restaurant for a work lunch. From the website, I saw that they have teriyaki (like most Japanese restaurants) so I knew I would be OK. Since I can handle simple sushi in small amounts, I ordered the salmon bento box. The box came with a california roll (4 pieces), rice (steamed or fried), edamame, a small spring roll, and a slice or orange. Your choice of meat is served with some veggies. As an appetizer, you can have miso soup or ginger salad. I chose the salad.Verdict:The ginger salad was nice, but had too much of the ginger topping. Well, better to have too much than too little. I just scraped off what I didn't need.The salmon tasted GREAT, but the amount was small. I think you get more if you order steak or chicken. But that could have just been my impression. The teriyaki sauce was wonderful.The california roll was good. According to my friend who eats sushi more frequently, it was OK. Good, but not great.Rice is rice. lol. There was alot of it! I had too much rice for the amount of meat. I only ate about half of it. Edamame was OK. Could have used more salt. Spring roll was OK. I liked the sauce that was drizzled on. Notes: Small parking lot in a plaza with a number of restaurants. You may need to look around and wait for parking during busier periods.Your soda will come in a can. I think it cost about . For a standard can. Ridiculous. I should have asked if it was a can before ordering.Take home: You get alot of good food for a good price. I would return and order the exact same thing. :-)


Crystal S.

Great service and fresh sushi. I've never been a sushi person but my friend convinced me to go when I wanted tacos. I didn't regret it. The sushi chefs are friendly and talk to you also. The way the restaurant is set up is pretty cool with a long bar you can sit at and watch sushi be made. Very beautiful to watch. They also have sake and Japanese beers. Cant wait to go again


Jamie L.

Excellent quality.  Extensive menu, so it's good to review online prior to visiting.  Enjoyed the Salmon & Avocado Salad (minus the masago) and the Vegetarian Roll.  My date enjoyed the Rainbow Roll and California Roll.


Kendra T.

BUG IN FOOD! Unfortunately, this place was a HUGE disappointment. My spouse and I love Japanese hibachi-style cooking & have visited several restaurants and this was easily the worst experience we've had. We both ordered salads with our entrees...and my spouse first found a black pebble type object on his lettuce. He continued to inspect and low & behold, A LIVE, MOVING BUG WAS FOUND IN HIS SALAD!! The chef tried to rectify the situation by making our 2 sushi rolls on the house... once they were brought to the table - completely unimpressed. Mediocre sushi, but "fancy" prices. The sushi was FREE and we only ate 2 pieces. It was that gross. Free and still not worth eating. The hibachi shrimp was barely cooked in our entrees & the rice portion was small, like a lunch size. Even our waters tasted funny.Overall, this was a terrible experience. Which is unfortunate because we recently moved to the area and were looking for a new hibachi spot. We will NOT be returning.