3 Delicious Books in Autumn: Soulfood, The Gastronaut & The Silver Spoon for Kids. And 2 as giveaways for you.

There are two new releases and a rediscovery today in Tasty Books . Perfect for the fall, if you spend more time indoors - maybe with reading, culinary experiments or simply delicious meals? For that I show you today the suitable books. And there are two of the featured titles as a giveaway, so you can - if you want - also get started right at home.


Bringing the new Soulfood - the best body & soul recipes to market in the fall is a really good idea. If it gets colder outside, you automatically feel the need to wrap yourself up and pamper yourself with warm, hearty meals. The fact that Soulfood does not always have to be heavy and voluminous is shown in the editorial board of the magazine LECKER in this cookbook.

"Delicious Soulfood is a cookbook that combines healthy nutrition and the yummy factor" the editor-in-chief know us in the preface. Yes great - so you run open doors with me yes. Time to take a closer look at the recipes. The book is divided into five chapters, which interprets the term Soulfood in various facets: Low Carb , Vegetarian , Soups , Rank & lean and Power Drinks . Each recipe is presented on each double page, with one page always reserved for a large-format, close-up photograph. So that the soul really does not come too short, you will find in the chapter Sweet for the soul in addition to recipes for desserts, dessert and pastry.

The recipes are modern but not überkandidelt and offer now and then a special component (eg fish fillet with melted vanilla tomatoes). The preparation time ranges from fast 25 minutes (hamburger lime pan) to 2 hours (beef stew with pumpernickel). For each recipe, the purchase price per serving as well as the nutritional values ​​calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates are given.

What I really liked about the book straight away is the beautiful and loving design. Small individual paper collages run like a red thread through all pages and are reinterpreted in each chapter. One would like to start cutting out construction paper and pasting wooden cutlery with masking tape.

Conclusion: LECKER Soulfood is a pretty little cookbook with delicious, everyday recipes that you can enjoy leafs and be inspired.

Soulfood - the best recipes for body & soul

edel Deutschland GmbH
ISBN 978-3-8419-0180-4
EUR 16,95

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Who enjoys a funky ko ChasMoker (and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy generally finds it great) will be pleased with The Gastronaut . But what else is coming out when a BBC Comedy producer embarks on his personal culinary journey? The author Stefan Gates has decided not to miss out on any opportunity to cook or taste something new. For that, life is just too short!Also for the organization of a domestic orgy (in the classical Greco-Roman sense), the inclined reader receives here a detailed guide. Sensitive minds can, of course, bounce over the baked guinea pigs, but should at least re-enter the original recipes of Heinrich V.

Stefan Gates tells delightfully entertaining and ironic of his personal cooking experiments, garnishing all stories with historical or professional background information and makes us also occasionally participate in the not quite so understanding reactions of his wife. There are no pictures - which is perhaps also an advantage in some chapters. Lovely little vignettes illustrate each "recipe" for that.

And for some reason, when I read, I sometimes had to think of boss Hansen. He'll already know why.

Conclusion: I enjoyed myself most, learned a lot and recommend this book to all readers who either have a penchant for British humor or a passion for cooking , If you happen to have both components, that would without any doubt be the ideal combination.

Stefan Gates
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The "bible" of Italian cuisine now has an offshoot especially for children. Great, there I am the target group (as mother, ne). When I first browsed through the large-format, bright red cookbook but came to me then but confusion. I had actually expected a cookbook, which contains especially for children suitable recipes. And I just thought of the usual suspicious (and simple) dishes, the children taste particularly good and cause as little resistance and stress at table. When I came across the recipes for stuffed peaches, leg of lamb with herb crust and fish from the oven, I had involuntarily imagined my son's exhausting reaction to such extravagances. Ohoh, what's going on? , I thought and took a closer look. And that was worth it.

The silver spoon for children is not aimed at parents who cook their children, but at children who cook themselves. An exciting concept! The cookbook would like to introduce children from the age of 9 to cooking and Italian cuisine, and I think that's great. Instead of focusing only on spaghetti with tomato sauce or meatballs, it is pleasingly varied. In the four main chapters Appetizers & Snacks , Pizza & Pasta ​​em>, Main Courses and Desserts & Cakes a variety of dishes from the Italian cuisine together.

Even the intro is aimed directly at the children and explains what this cookbook is all about. There are safety instructions and a detailed, simple explanation of the most important kitchen utensils. The recipes are prepared in nicely illustrated step-by-step instructions. Simple little texts explain in parallel exactly what to do. Each recipe also contains easily understandable information about the origin and tradition of the dish or about the ingredients.

The illustrations of the cooked dishes are small and not over-staged.Unfortunately, he still can not read well enough to understand everything. Based on the illustrations, he has understood the basic principle of preparing some recipes. I'm curious if he will cook with the book in three years ... but watching him has already been fun.

Conclusion: Of course, children do not spontaneously choose to make a lamb leg because of the book. But the child-friendly, simple preparation of the recipes and the additional information about food and cooking tradition are a nice way to inspire children from 9 years for self-cooking. The Kids' Silver Spoon is definitely fun for adults too.

Susanne Schmidt-Wussow
Edel Germany GmbH
ISBN 978-3-8419-0142-2
EUR 19,90

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You would like to have Tasty Soulfood or The silver spoon for kids ? No problem! Edel Germany has kindly provided me with two review copies for my readers.
Please leave me a comment on Friday, November 02, which one of the books you'd like .

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WON: Thomas K. (The silver spoon for children) and Maria (LECKER Soulfood).
Congratulations to you both and enjoy cooking!