Power as happy as cleaning: A big, hot pot with vegetable goulash.

My friend Mrs. Annke has always known: cleaning is good for the soul. When I call Annke and my prompt "How are you?" A prompt "I brush" comes, I do not have to ask further. Her week was hard, too many people too stupid again. And that's why the Soul Emergency Rescue Program Cleaningwoman will start. At some point I also started to take over this emergency program.

The cleaning of the outer space seems to somehow transfer to its own interior. You yourself stay balanced, satisfied and also a bit exhausted - in a deserved, exemplary and relaxation-promoting living atmosphere. Catharsis by brushing, so to speak. As far as the Therorie.

Of course you have to push the first against the dusty mice and lubricating films incredibly resistant, inner bastard from the sofa. Not easy. The best way to do this is with a little Prosecco, a new episode of The Three ??? and the idea of ​​how nice could look after all> will.

I did just that. And since I'm just on my summer vacation 2012, I have the same bathroom and toilet painted. Mega-catharsis, so to speak. Cabinets, boxes, floor lamps, cleaning materials, paint buckets, and vacuum cleaners piled up tetrisely in the hallway, swaying menacingly as they passed. The new wall paint (a fantastic, undecided gray that plays depending on the light incident in greige, cement or mauve) then demanded quite persistently for a new bathroom cabinet and larger mirror. The Swedish furniture store has solved the problem as always uncomplicated. How the smaller number of pillows and the new ceiling light for the hallway have also wandered into the huge blue bag, I can not really explain. But hey - where we are just ...

But beware! Plaster catharsis and renovation bouts make you hungry. Therefore, in times of active soul hygiene, make sure that a large pot of delicious vegetable goulash is bubbling on the stove. The scent that runs through the whole apartment makes, in addition, incredibly happy. And if you sprinkle some gremolata of rosemary, garlic and lemon while eating over this delicious stew of autumn vegetables and the great aroma goes up your nose, the world is really, very beautiful.

Here's how it works for 1 pot or 4 people:

The smoked paprika powder makes for a hearty and sturdy goulash -Taste. Try it!
Serve the prepared vegetable goulash in a deep plate with potatoes or rice and gremolata as a topping.

The perfect topping: For the aromatic gremolata, you'll chop 2 - 3 sprigs of rosemary and 2 garlic cloves very fine and mix the herbs with the grated peel of an organic lemon. If you like, add a few crumbs of chilli.

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