Because today is Sunday: Show me how you drink your coffee and I'll tell you who you are.

GourmetGuerilla_Kitchen Tiles1 The coffee culture in Germany is more pronounced than ever. If you ask me, the coffee has long replaced the car as the Germans favorite child. The number of households in which the brown-black brew is prepared exclusively in a conventional coffee machine with filter bag, is slowly sinking to zero. The nation prepares for the preparation of the morning coffee.

A visit to one of the major technology markets makes the situation very clear at a glance: The "coffee preparation" department now occupies as many square meters as white goods (washing, Cooling and drying machines), 3D entertainment systems and cameras together. Astonishingly one converts between innumerable models and brands. And first the colors! It used to be something special for Monster Trucks - is that glitter in pink over there? Countless pad and garbage-grinding capsule machines compete with the classic portafilter systems for the genussaffine customers. The conventional coffee machine is barely allowed to play along - but only if it satisfies special design requirements.

TV advertising also clearly reflects the turnaround in caffeine-containing hot drinks. The harmonious family at the Sunday coffee table is out. But all know George (!) In dialogue with God on the Aluhütchen with coffee filling. The word "Volluto" is now as erotically charged as the commercials for metrosexual perfumes used to be.

But how is it best to make it, the tastiest of all breakfast coffees? Well, thank God, that depends entirely on you and your taste. And most of all, what kind of guy you are: are you the strict, strong guy who drinks coffee only black as the night and without Chichi? Reveals yourself in the more of the order fanatic by three neatly separated latte-macchiato layers? Or are you rather the voluptuous pleasure-type, for whom everything without hazelnut or coconut flavor borders on bodily injury?

Well ... that's where entire personality profiles reveal themselves, believe me. One almost waits for the question about the preferred coffee preparation to be submitted soon to the applicants for a job. Hard-hitting assessment center: "How do you make your coffee in the morning?"

Now let's tell you how it is at home. Because I'm a rather torn personality with a multiple coffee profile: In the morning with child and cone I'm mainly about speed. The man and I drink (Attention!) Instant coffee with a sip of milk. Always. Every morning. Exactly one cup. Please do not continue to talk about that - it could damage my image!

In the meantime I found the perfect combination of keys for the automatic espresso machine: the "milk coffee" button with the "extra" starch setting with exactly 9 Seconds of frothy milk.

But on the weekends, I turn it upside down and fall to the other extreme: I mash my 100% Arabica beans by hand in an old coffee grinder. The coffee powder thus obtained is lovingly spooned into the strainer of a small Italian espresso pot for the stove. Then I linger for minutes in front of the hot stove and watch as only a few drops from the valve in the pot trickle. Then comes with a sharp hiss eruptions the whole, wonderful espresso shot in the pot. With crema! To do this I beat hot milk with a small whisk in an enamel pot by hand. Espresso and milk will make an incomparable connection in my favorite cup.

Please do not disturb, I'll drink my weekend coffee.

And how do you like it, your coffee?