Test & Taste: Are you a fan of perfect breakfast eggs? With you probably beep. And if not, then it's high time now.

For some people, having a perfect breakfast egg is one of the things that decides quite reliably how the day goes by so will. Take, for example, Monsieur Joubert, who for years has been suffering from the lousy breakfast eggs of his domestic help in the charming film Nur für Personal . Every morning he hopes for a new breakfast egg, which was cooked to his liking. And every morning he is bitterly disappointed again. Somehow everything else is not quite as intoxicating anymore. It is not until Monsieur Joubert changes everything that his ancestral home help after a scandal leaves the position and the young Maria comes into the family. From now on he gets his perfect breakfast egg every morning. And that has unexpectedly revolutionary consequences for his life. (The film is quite heartwarming for cuddly autumn afternoons on the couch!).

If you're one of the people who - like Monsieur Joubert - want to make their individual egg situation finally positive, I have a very good one Message: You do not need a (new) domestic help. There is people with a latent obsession for the perfect degree of cooking, which is a matter of much thought and consideration cute kitchen Gadget invented. It's called PiepEi. And it works well in several ways.

PiepEi has the same size and shape as a hen's egg, is stored and even cooked together with the real ones. And that's why PiepEi knows exactly how his breakfast eggs are in the pot. In order to know that, PiepEier bring along different melodies. Who can resist, if e.g. "Killing me softly" with digital beeping charm from the kitchen düdelt to remind that the eggs are now waxy? Or the triumphal march, when the eggs are sure to be cooked hard? A thing that the world does not need again - but that somehow fun.

You are also delighted with the PiepEi idea and you are looking for a new lodger in the egg box? Great ! Brainstream has kindly made available to me five PiepEier for my readers.
Just leave a comment by Friday, the 16th of November which of the PiepEi models shown below would like you to have .

We always look forward to your feedback on how you liked the product in the application.

If you are interested in more than one lot, the lot will decide. The dispatch takes place directly over Brainstream or authorized persons to postal addresses in Germany. The address will only be used for shipping and then deleted. The legal process is excluded. Good luck!

Is your personal PiepEi present? (My tip: Do not let the ... uhhhhh ... divert some special packaging and focus on the egg color and/or your favorite tune.)

Won Pam, Nicole, Sabrina, Hanna and Maren. The Piep eggs are already on their way to you.