Fobbed off. Today: According to HIPP, sugar drinks are an ideal thirst quencher for babies and toddlers

Supplied Foodwatch reports a new sad case of consumer delusion in its Wasted campaign. And this time even the smallest ones are affected:

HIPP offers granulated tea drinks with the main ingredients sugar, glucose, citric acid and flavor as "refreshing and aromatic thirst quencher" for babies and toddlers from the 12th month on. Do you also want to complain? Join us and click here .

My Letter to HIPP:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the media, I have the discussion about your sugary tea beverages for children from 12 months

Personally, I am very disappointed that the HIPP brand offers such "drinks" at all. In the TV spots and the communication of your company is deliberately created the image, HIPP would use only organic products in the production of baby food and feel moreover committed to a responsible diet.

Surely insists Many parents of their own make up still the strange claim to offer their children a drink other than water - something with taste. Therefore, you can probably expect a solid sales in the product group granulated teas.

In the eyes of a responsible diet and an early taste of the children, however, these teas are simply irresponsible. They contain sugar, citric acid and flavorings as main ingredients. The babies and toddlers so even before you eat a real strawberry or forest fruit, as an industrially produced aroma composition brand "forest fruit" tastes. Unfortunately, the fact that your product contains a pinch of dry powder of various fruits does not help. The main ingredients remain industrial sugar and glucose. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that the citric acid in your product is very bad for the enamel even in adults.

You advertise this product on the package, among other things, that the tea is "already sweetened". With this supposed (!) Product advantage you also suggest to parents that drinks and teas for children must be sweetened to taste. Her experience also shows that most households would be drinking teas and drinks for children anyway. I hope you also have the valuable experience that parents very often offer these teas to the kids to stoop to death in the vial. This leads to a permanent tooth damage. Unfortunately, it does not help on the pack to serve the tea in small quantities and in cups - but please at any meal and for the whole family.

I would therefore urge you to To live up to their brand promise to remove this product line from their product range or at least to change the recipe to unsweetened ingredients derived purely from the fruit indicated on the package.

If you continue to cling to such product groups, you will be shocked not only the credibility of your brand sustainable. They also help babies and toddlers to be conditioned early on industrially produced and sweetened drinks and food.

Instead, please help to teach parents how to use food responsibly and responsibly, and do not suggest it Furthermore, beverage powders with high sugar content are an ideal, practical substitute for water or even "thirst quencher".

Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely